Take back the Touch Bar.

I love the Touch Bar. That's why I was so upset that Apple just sat on its useless its user interface. So, inspired by Vas3k's popular blog post on the subject, and determined to make good on the promise that Apple broke, I've spent a (ridiculous) amount of time reworking the foundations of the Touch Bar into GoldenChaos-BTT: a true general purpose Touch Bar UI with support for tons of apps that's intuitive enough to make you love your Touch Bar again - or, more likely, for the first time.

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Need help or have a feature request? Visit the GC-BTT thread on the BetterTouchTool forums and make a post!

Latest stable version: GoldenChaos-BTT 2.641

(Sept 25 2018 - Release Notes) No longer requires High Sierra Media Key Enabler! Plus: Settings menu with customization options for esc key, Home Strip keys, Menu Bar icons, Dock badges, Date/Time formatting with 24-Hour Time, and default calendar app selection; Seamless upgrades with just a tap using the "Reapply Settings" button; Fully scriptable, with a simple preset format so you can have multiple GC-BTT's for different occasions; Native Now Playing widget with dramatic CPU usage improvements; Collapsible Menu Bar with three sizes; New Connectivity Actions menu; New Current Language and Language Picker widgets with flags for 47 different languages

Latest experimental version: GoldenChaos-BTT 2.706

(Feb 2 2019 - Release Notes) All-new, much more intuitive GC-BTT Settings window; New Visual Window Snapper widget - press ⌘⇧W to invoke; Huge performance and energy efficiency improvements with dramatic reduction of duplicate widgets; New Caffeinate menu bar item; Dock badges now hide when Do Not Disturb is enabled; bug fixes for Back/Forward keys; Dock badges for MailMate, Abstract, Zeplin, and Bodo

How to Install

  1. Make sure you're using the latest stable version of BetterTouchTool.
    • Feeling brave? Install the latest alpha BetterTouchTool to use the experimental versions.
  2. [One time only] Install icalBuddy.
  3. [One time only] Configure BTT's General Touch Bar settings properly.
  4. Upgrading? Follow these steps.
  5. Follow one of the two release links at the top of this post and click "Direct import to BTT". BTT will automatically launch and ask to import the preset - say yes to everything.
  6. You're all set! Press ⌘⌥⇧P to access the GC-BTT settings menu where you can customize GC-BTT to your liking.

Nice words about GoldenChaos-BTT

"Singlehandedly vindicates the Touch Bar's existence." kdhyde on the BetterTouchTool forums
"Whenever someone calls the Touch Bar useless, I just show them this." KungFuJoe on the BetterTouchTool forums
"The way Apple should have implemented the Touch Bar in the first place." @wowthatisrandom, developer of Forecastbar and InstaCal
"What I would have wanted the Touch Bar to be stock." truublue on the BetterTouchTool forums
"SUPERB." u/townfox on Reddit
"Genius." Harrumph on the BetterTouchTool forums
"INCREDIBLE." peripatew on the BetterTouchTool forums
"A very big preset" Andreas Hegenberg, developer of BetterTouchTool


Home Strip

The default key set when nothing is open. Fullscreen doubles as escape key; tap for escape, long-press for fullscreen.

Open a browser, and browser controls appear in the Home Strip.

Open more apps to reveal a wide range of dynamic controls and widgets. Close apps to dismiss their controls.

Modifier Menus

Hold command, option, or control to access the app switcher, control strip, or window snapping controls.

Dynamic Menu Bar

Dynamic Menu Bar with three size options lets you dedicate as much or as little space to widgets as you like.

Widget Groups

Widget Groups like Emoji Picker, Browser Tabs, and Language Switcher replace the Home Strip, but not the Menu Bar.

Modal Widgets

Access expanded-view Modal Widgets by long-pressing on Weather, Now Playing, Reminders, Calendar, Volume, and more.

Dock Badges

Dock Badges appear on the left side of the Touch Bar and remain sticky.

Built-in Dock Badge support for all of your favorite third party apps; enable or disable them in the GC-BTT Settings menu.

Dock Badges also support handoff!

Settings with Seamless Upgrading

The straightforward GC-BTT Settings panel (⌘⌥⇧P) makes it easy to deeply customize your Touch Bar. Settings transfer seamlessly to new versions of GC-BTT with "Reapply All Settings".

General Touch Bar Settings

GoldenChaos-BTT is designed to completely take over the Touch Bar, escape key and all. Since BetterTouchTool isn't set up this way by default, make sure to match BetterTouchTool's General Touch Bar Settings to the configuration shown below before importing - if you don't, things probably won't look right.

Upgrading GoldenChaos-BTT

GoldenChaos-BTT has a seamless upgrade system that allows your customized settings to transfer from one version to the next by storing your settings inside BTT itself. For it to work, you'll first need to completely remove any existing installations of GoldenChaos-BTT - if you don't, the settings menu won't work.

To remove existing GC-BTT installations and safely upgrade to a new version, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Manage Presets" inside of BetterTouchTool
  2. Select and delete all installations of GoldenChaos-BTT. If you do not remove all GC-BTT installations before upgrading, the settings menu won’t work!
  3. Navigate to one of the two latest release links at the top of this post and click "Direct import to BTT" to automatically launch BetterTouchTool and import the latest preset.
  4. Open the GC-BTT Settings menu by pressing ⌘⌥⇧P.
  5. Tap “Reapply All Settings” and watch the pretty progress bar.
  6. After it's done running, your previous setup should be restored! I guess that's not really a step. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Previous versions

Only install the latest version unless you have a specific troubleshooting reason. If you do need to install an older version for whatever reason, make sure the version of BetterTouchTool you're running is greater than or equal to the GoldenChaos-BTT version you're installing.


  • Versions 2.543 and earlier require the Python Requests module (pip install requests) and Locateme (brew install locateme) for the weather widget to work.
  • Versions 2.531 and earlier require the calendar widget to first be edited to include the names of the calendars that you wish to display.
  • Versions 2.516 and earlier require Location Helper and JSON Helper for the weather widget to work. Not compatible with macOS Mojave.

Version history